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HeatingCoolingHome.com is a website to provide information, specifications and features, researches and testing of HVAC (heating and/or cooling) systems for home use.

The website is maintained by two engineers, John and Rob, who have extensive knowledge of HVAC systems because of their (former) jobs.

All reviews are written by ourselves and are not biased because of influence of manufacturers or suppliers of HVAC systems. We do all our research and testing and do not get paid by manufacturers or suppliers. However we do receive a commission if you buy a HVAC system through our website links. The commission made will cover our expenses for hosting the website and perform the testing and research of the products. If you’re buying a HVAC system, we would like you to use our (affiliate) links. It won’t cost you extra and it pays our bills.

Readers: We understand that you might want to ask us questions, request reviews of a certain HVAC system or anything else. You can get into contact with us via our contact form. Please bear in mind that we both work full-time and it could take some time to reply.

Manufacturers / Suppliers: Of course we are willing to test out more products and if you would like to provide them to us, we would be very happy. Please use our contact form to reach out to us.

Enjoy reading all the information on our website!

And remember: keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer!

Thanks, John and Rob.