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Gone are the days when window-type air-conditioners are the go-to choice for every single consumer who is looking to purchase an air-conditioning unit for their home. Today, mini-split air-conditioners are slowly getting the vote of most consumers for their numerous applications that are not limited to either residential or commercial institutions.

When mini-split air-conditioners were introduced to the market, it was thought to be expensive and more suitable for commercial purposes. This notion has greatly changed today as they have proven to be a good choice even for small rooms and apartments and anywhere else that a window-type or ductwork system is not at all feasible.

What is a Mini-Split Air-Conditioner?

Ductless mini split air conditioner setupDuctless Mini-Split Air-Conditioners have the great ability to provide cooling to one or more rooms through the incorporation of a condenser unit that is placed outside the home and one or more compact and usually wall-mounted units inside the home.

These indoor units are strategically placed at the designated rooms to be cooled. However, compared to portable air-conditioners, a mini-split air-conditioner is fixed, need professional installation, and cost more.

But if it is to be compared to an air-conditioning system with ductworks, a mini-split air-conditioner is more practical and generally considered most efficient among the different types of air-conditioning systems today. If you have quite a large house and you need to cool several rooms, getting a mini-split air-conditioning system is definitely worth considering.

Why Mini-Split Air-Conditioners are More Preferred

Aside from their very obvious compact size, flexibility, and practicality, mini-split air-conditioners are great for zoning or targeted cooling of indicated rooms. Some units do come with as much as four indoor handling units with just one outdoor unit which makes more sense for houses with several rooms. Each of the zones have its own thermostat so you can run each unit alone and not dependent on the other.

Let us try to discuss the growing advantages of mini-split air-conditioners more so that you will be able to understand why it is being preferred more today and why you can probably get more benefits from it.

  1. Easy to Install

Compared to air-conditioning systems with ductworks, ductless mini-split air-conditioners are the no-brainer winner. First, they do not have the complicated ducts to be installed permanently throughout the house. Second, they are generally more compact in size and require a smaller hole for the conduit. Of course the window mounted air-conditioners require even less hassle to install but also need more energy to operate.

These still do require professional installation most especially given the fact that the indoor units can be located as far as 50 feet from the outdoor unit but it gives the most flexibility.

  1. Less Energy Loss

Mini-split AC does not have ducts. They are ductless and from a technical point of view, this basically means less energy loss from the would-be ducts. Have you experienced having an air-conditioning system with ductworks? Have you noticed your energy bill go up with the use of it?

A high energy bill with an air-conditioning system with ductworks is said to be normal because there is about 30% of energy loss due to the ducts. More energy is regarded to be lost if the ducts are positioned in tight and not suitable conditions such as the attic.

With a ductless mini-split air-conditioning system, there are no ducts so there are no energy losses. All the consumed energy goes straight into the unit, therefore, making it not just absolutely efficient but practical as well.

  1. More Aesthetic Options

In choosing an air-conditioning system for the house, aesthetics still play a major role especially if the home owners are particular about it. This is also another reason why most prefer the mini-split AC since there are no unsightly ductworks. It still does, however, come with sleek-looking high technology jackets which will surely look good on any modern room.

Some mini split AC indoor air handlers can be suspended from the ceiling which will benefit those who do not have more space. There also are floor standing units available for those who prefer it.

  1. The Safest Choice

Experts say that mini split AC systems are considered the safest because of the small hole in the wall compared to the other systems that require through-the-wall or window installation since those can be an easy entrance for intruders.

  1. Quiet Operation

Window types and portable air-conditioners are generally louder because the motor is located right there, hence, the sound coming from the motor is easily heard. Since mini split air-conditioners are composed of two or more units – the outdoor and several indoor units, the motor is located far from the indoor unit, therefore, not so much as a very quiet hush can be heard.

  1. Individual Zoning

This actually works two ways. You get to cool only the area where there are people and you get to save energy by not cooling the rooms that do not need to be cooled. With this option, one does not need to waste energy on unoccupied rooms. As a result, this is way more cost-efficient especially if to be compared to centralized air-conditioning units.

If the benefits that we have mentioned above sound greatly appealing to you, then it might be high time for you to consider getting a mini split AC the next time you go shopping for an air-conditioner.

With those numerous advantages, it is definitely worth it regardless if you are going to use it for residential or commercial property. Once you are decided, then you might want to have a professional technician check your house if mini-split air-conditioning system is indeed right system for your property.