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Keystone KSTAW05A 5,000 BTU 115-Volt Window-Mounted Air Conditioner with Follow Me LCD Remote Control - in living roomWhile natural climate is still the best way to go, there are those summer days when heat is simply unbearable that it almost makes you feel sick. For such days, you do not have to sacrifice comfort and make yourself suffer from the sweltering heat. Air-conditioners still provide the most comfort especially during this hot season.

Contrary to what was earlier believed in that window mounted air-conditioners are expensive to run, you should know that there now are many window mounted air-conditioning systems that are energy efficient. Besides, you are not supposed to use it during the whole day unless you live in an area where it’s really hot. In most areas, just a few hours is sufficient to keep the house cool.

Looking for the perfect window mounted AC can be daunting especially with the numerous designs and styles available in the market today. However, there are key factors that one must know before proceeding to an appliance center or shopping online.

We have actually put all the key factors together, assessed all the available window mounted air-conditioners in the market, and came up with a list of the best ones.

  1. Frigidaire FFRE1233Q1 Window-Mounted Compact Air Conditioner

With its ability to efficiently cool a room of up to 550 square feet in size and dehumidification capacity of up to 3.3 pints per hour, this Frigidaire FFRE1233Q1 window mounted AC is truly one of the best out there. Not only will you get Frigidaire’s reliability and dependability but you are bound to get savings with energy-saving features such as auto cool, sleep, and energy saver.

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If you already have an existing wall sleeve, this will probably fit in there. If you do not have an existing wall sleeve, it can be easily purchased separately. Package even comes with a standard universal interior trim kit.

This unit features ready-select electronic controls which takes the guesswork out and only leaves ultimate comfort. There is even a temperature readout display just in case you want to know what your favorite temperature setting is. Warranty is one full year for parts and labor plus additional four years limited warranty on the sealed system.

  1. Friedrich CP06G10A Window Mounted Air Conditioner

Who would not want the Friedrich CP06G10A window mounted AC with its cool and crisp designer white appearance? It gives a clean and classic look that is undeniably beautiful and will surely fit whatever the theme of your room is. Best part is that this window-mounted air-conditioning unit is not just about looking good but performing great as well.

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With a 6,000 BTU capacity, this unit is suitable for rooms up to approximately 250 square feet. It can be installed in a window or through walls up to 7.5 inches deep. This also bears the Energy Star rating which makes it more of a hit among customers. This lets one save more energy and money as the unit automatically goes into fan mode once it reaches the target temperature.

It has three cooling and fan-only speeds and there is even distribution of the cool air through the auto air sweep louvers. It operates quietly making this perfect even for children’s rooms. Warranty is one year limited for the parts and labor and five years for the sealed refrigerant system.

  1. LG Electronics LW8014ER Window-Mounted Air Conditioner

More than just an awesome window mounted AC, the LG Electronics LW8014ER one actually tops the list of Energy Star qualified air conditioners. If you have always wanted a window-mounted but is always envious of the higher Energy Star rating of portable ones and mini split systems, then this is your time to reach for your dream.

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The LG Electronics LW8014ER features an 8,000 BTU capacity which is suitable for rooms up to 340 square feet. Also, this can dehumidify up to 2.2 pints per hour and of course, the star feature – an Energy Star efficiency rating of 11.3 EER.

There are three cooling speeds and fan speeds with four-way air deflection for ultimate comfort. It also has a stylish full-function remote control and comes equipped with LG’s patented Gold Fin anti-corrosion coating. On top of all these, warranty is one year for parts and labor.

  1. Danby DAC6011E Window-Mounted Air Conditioner

Danby DAC6011E 6,000 btu window mounted air conditionerThis is said to be the window mounted air-conditioner that will let you enjoy summer indoors. The Danby DAC6011E keeps any room absolutely comfortable without putting a hole in your pocket. With an energy efficiency rating of 10.7, this Danby DAC6011E window mounted AC will surely let you enjoy indoors while keeping your energy usage at bay.

There are three wonderful features that let you perfectly save electricity – Energy Saver Switch Mode, Auto Timer, and the Sleep Mode. It has 6,000 BTU which basically means this has the capacity to almost instantly cool areas of up to 250 square feet. This also features two-way air direction function which is highly recommended both for residential and office use.

There are modern electronic controls and a LED display which is especially helpful at night when all the lights are already out. In addition, this comes with a full-function remote control which let you control it from wherever you are in the room. Warranty is one year on parts and labor.

  1. Keystone KSTAW05A Window Mounted Air Conditioner

Keystone KSTAW05A 5,000 BTU 115-Volt Window-Mounted Air Conditioner with Follow Me LCD Remote ControlDread the heat no more with this compact but efficient Keystone KSTAW05A window mounted air conditioner. It has got 5,000 BTU which is more than enough to cool up areas of up to 150 square feet. Because of its compact size and quiet operation, this makes it a perfect air-conditioner for kids and even baby’s rooms.

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This comes with a convenient and high-end LCD remote control which lets one change settings from anywhere within the room. There are three different cooling speeds and it comes with a programmable timer which further reduces energy usage.

With an auto-restart mode, one does not need to worry about power shortages and/or outages this summer. In addition, this also has a washable filter which makes it healthy and practical. Warranty is one year for parts and labor and five-year limited for the sealed system.

Window mounted air conditioning units now come with various types of special features. Know which ones would work best for you and your household needs to make you better decide on which one to get. If you are still confused, choose one from our list above depending on your budget and room size and you will never go wrong.

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