Ceiling Fans Buying Guide

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Do you know that ceiling fans are regarded as the child of Industrial Revolution? This is because it is probably one of the most if not the most sensible solution that provided utmost comfort as far as the world of home appliances are concerned. It is extremely simple yet has been providing unending comfort for centuries long. It simply started the revolution of home comfort appliances.

Even in a world where stand fans and air conditioners rule, the ceiling fan has remained in the market because of its unmistakable charm. Can you find a stand fan that has the same rustic charm and mighty power as that of a ceiling fan? They might look all elegant and vintage but do not make the mistake of belittling it. Its power ranges from steady and quiet whirl of paddles to fast and efficient breeze.

How to Choose the Right Ceiling Fan

Minka Aire F1000-ORB Dyno 52 Inch Ceiling Fan, Oil-Rubbed Bronze

Minka Aire F1000-ORB Dyno 52 Inch Ceiling Fan

Remember how we always mention that warm air tends to go up near the ceiling while the cooler air remains near the floor? This is apparently one of the best reasons why people should go get a ceiling fan more than just for aesthetics. Regardless if it is summer or winter, ceiling fans have proven their enormous value.

During winter, ceiling fans can push the warmer air down which should decrease the demand for your heater to work more. During summer, warm air is also pushed down but since there is constant stirring, a fresher breeze welcomes you and hence, helps your air conditioner cool the room. Not decided whether to buy a ceiling fan, air conditioner or both? Read this article and understand all the pros and cons. Do remember to turn it in a reverse direction during winter to take some load of from your furnace or heater.

Ceiling fans basically differ in design. Today, they come in better and more efficient motors and equipped with intuitive controls. Most even now come with reversible motors which are especially helpful as it is suggested to reverse the blade direction during winter.

More durable materials are also used compare to what our ancestors used in the olden days. They all come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and prices. So to help you narrow down your choices, here is a complete guide to make purchasing ceiling fans easier:

  1. Choosing the Right Size

Just like when you are choosing air conditioners and heaters, you have to determine your room size before shopping around. Since you are going to use ceiling fans for both heating and cooling the room, you have to make the most out of it and the first proper way to achieve that goal is to get the right size of the ceiling fan.

Check this table below for room size and fan diameter reference as per Energy Star Recommendations:

Room Size (square feet) Fan Diameter (inches)
75 29-36
76-144 36-42
144-225 44
225-244 50-54
  1. Choosing the Blades

Westinghouse 7861400 Industrial 56-Inch Three-Blade Ceiling Fan with Ball Hanger Installation System, Brushed Nickel

Westinghouse 7861400 Industrial 56-Inch Three-Blade Ceiling Fan

Experts say that buyers need not to spend a whole day or even half a day in determining which type of blade to get. This is because blades are generally more for aesthetic purposes and regardless of which one you finally choose, they will all move air as its primary purpose.

Most blades today also are reversible to give your room an instantly refreshed look without having to buy a new one. In addition, ceiling fans also now have blades ranging from the traditional four to five ones to the helicopter ones which can have as many as nine blades in a single fan.

  1. Determining the Ceiling Height

Keep in mind that the ideal fan height from the floor to the fan blades is 8 feet. Along with this, you have to think right away of what would be your chosen mounting option. You have three choices for mounting options:

  • Flushmount – This is the most basic and most preferred by those who have short floor to ceiling height as it is mounted directly to the ceiling without any attachment.
  • Downrod Mount – This is the one preferred for those with high ceilings. This one comes with downrods that are usually included. To guide you better. Here is a table depicting the downrod size you must get in accordance to your ceiling height.
Ceiling Height (feet) Suggested Downrod Size (inches)
9 6
10 12
12 24
14 36
16 48
18 60
20 72
  • Angle Mount – This is especially designed for those with angled ceilings. In such cases, a longer downrod may or may not be needed depending on the blade clearance.
  1. Deciding on Style

Ceiling fans now come in a wide variety of styles and designs. Most come with lights but some still do not. There is literally an endless list of possibilities as far as ceiling fan designs are concerned so this would be really up to the buyer’s preference.

  1. Picking out Accessories

Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe 5-Blade Single Light Ceiling Fan with Brazilian Cherry:Stained Oak Blades and Piped Toffee Glass Light Bowl, 52-Inch, New Bronze - light detail

Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe 52-inch Single Light Ceiling Fan

Because of the endless innovations, there now are several accessories that can modify or enhance the ceiling fan’s functionality, here are some of the latest and most common accessories:

  • Downrods – These are the most important accessories most especially if you have quite a high ceiling. These are the slender but reliable and durable poles that basically lower the ceiling fan to the right height from the high ceiling.
  • Adapter – If downrods are for those with high ceilings, adapters are for those with low ceilings as this can further reduce the standard height of a ceiling fan by at least a few inches.
  • Light Kits – If you have chosen a ceiling fan that does not come with lights and you decided later on that you want lights, these light kits can make that possible. Most ceiling fans today are compatible with light kits so there really should be no hassle in installing or incorporating it.
  • Remote Control – Forget the long rope that you have to pull to make the ceiling fan start and stop. Most modern day ceiling fans today come with a remote control that simply gives more comfort to the users.
  1. Checking the Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency rating is now something that you have to watch out for whenever you are to buy any appliance. This is not anymore confided to air-conditioners and heaters alone. Ceiling fans do have energy efficiency ratings also.

As per the Air Movement and Control Association (amca), the best ceiling fans are those that have an airflow of at least 4,000 cfm or cubic feet per minute.

The Best Ceiling Fans

Today, there are a whole lot of great-looking ceiling fans that can instantly transform your room into something more wonderful. With that being said, it is easy to spend a day appreciating all the beautiful ceiling fans and still not have a decision at the end of the day. The most recognized quality ceiling fans brands are Harbor Breeze ceiling fans, Minka Aire, Monte Carlo, Westinghouse, Hunter, Casablanca and Kichler. Many quality ceiling fans have lights and remote controls.

To give you a helping hand on your search, here are our pick of the best ceiling fans as of 2015:

  1. Araya Collection by Monte Carlo Fans

Monte Carlo Araya ceiling fan - Brushed Steel Finish with Walnut Blade Finish

Monte Carlo Araya ceiling fan

This combines a traditional and modern look. It looks simple but ultimately stylish in every possible angle. It veers away from the traditional four or five blades and incorporated eight blades with a 58-inch span with the capacity of 5,211 cfm and uses 77 watts (fan only). This also features a brushed steel cylindrical center structure with a light inside the frosted white dome cover.

This collection uses a precision-balanced motor with 188 x 25 mm torque induction with a triple capacitor which basically allows it to spin at three different speeds which can be controlled via the wall control panel or through the remote control.

As is with modern day ceiling fans, this ceiling fan can be reversed to spin in the other direction which should further save you money as we have already explained above.

  1. Casablanca Stealth C45G45B

Casablanca C45G45B Stealth DC 54-Inch Ceiling Fan, Brushed Nickel with Dark Walnut Blades

Casablanca C45G45B Stealth DC 54-Inch Ceiling Fan

This is a modern day ceiling fan where design and function perfectly collides. It has got five blades in a walnut finish with brushed nickel ends in a slightly tipped manner, which might remind you somehow of the movie Stealth. There is a light fixture right at the center which also features a brushed nickel finish and a frosted dome light.

Despite the hard hitting stealth name, this ceiling fan emanates a soft glow with a 100-watt halogen bulb. Generally, this is meant for large rooms as the blade extends to 54 inches with a 14-degree blade pitch. Therefore, this gives a 6,554 cfm when in the highest speed or an average airflow efficiency of 276 cfm per watt.

Overall, this Casablanca Stealth ceiling fan is very ideal for those who need air to circulate all the time at the quietest way possible. With six different speeds to choose from and the capacity to run in the other direction, you can easily control this from the convenient remote control.

  1. Hunter Camille

Hunter Camille 52 In. Brushed Chrome Ceiling Fan -2

Hunter Camille 52-inch Ceiling Fan – energy star

This quickly became one of the most famous ceiling fans despite being the latest take and contribution of the company that has been around since the 1880s. They obviously did put a lot serious thinking in this Hunter Camille.

This features three dark wooden blades that surround a brushed chrome fixture in a medallion type light with frosted casing candelabra. Among our list, this is the most energy efficient as it only uses 55 watts of electricity with the lights turned off. With a capacity to rotate at 4,661 cfm, this remains very efficient.

This is designed to be hanged 10.5 inches from the ceiling as a 3-inch downrod is included in the package. If you have a high ceiling, you might want to get a much longer downrod. It is also worth noting that Hunter Camille ceiling fans come with a lifetime limited warranty.

Ceiling fans remain a practical choice as it not only beautifully adorns a room but it remains ever so efficient regardless of weather. With the charm it brings to every room and the practicality it offers as far as energy consumption goes, this just might be the missing thing that your room and budget has been missing for all these years.