DeLonghi TRD0715T Safeheat 1500W Portable Oil Filled Radiator Review

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One of the most popular oil-filled radiant space heaters currently on the market, the DeLonghi TRD0715T offers the maximum amount of heat from an oil-filled radiant heater while maintaining a cool exterior. DeLonghi’s patented thermal chimneys help direct the heat up and out of the device, which helps deliver more heat into the room. The device is also safe to touch, which makes it ideal for homes with pets or children. A space heater that minimizes the chance of accidental bumps and burns while providing sufficient heat is hard to come by. The device’s exterior is made from durable rust-resistant metal that has rounded corners to ensure that user doesn’t get caught on any rough edges. The heater also comes with an internal thermal cutoff, which ensures that the device doesn’t overheat.

The unit has seven permanently sealed channels that are filled with pure diathermic oil that can be run for the lifetime of the heater without needing to be replaced or refilled. The device doesn’t have any internal parts, so the heater provides consistent warmth without any constant buzzing, hissing, or clicking. The device’s quiet operation makes it ideal for use in bedrooms, home offices, or TV rooms.

DeLonghi TRD0715T Safeheat 1500W Portable Oil Filled Radiator

DeLonghi TRD0715T Safeheat 1500W Portable Oil-Filled Radiator

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  • The DeLonghi TRD0715T Safeheat is an oil-filled space heater
  • Measures 9.4 inches by 14.2 inches by 25.6 inches
  • Weighs 27.7 pounds
  • Light gray color scheme
  • Total wattage of 1500
  • Cord length of 72 inches
  • ETL safety certified
  • Oil-filled radiant heater
  • Electric power source
  • One year general manufacturer’s warranty
  • Overload protection mechanism
  • Built-in thermostat heat controller
  • Radiant heater
  • The fan can be manually activated or set to automatic
  • Heats 144 square feet effectively
  • Produces up to 5120 BTUs

DeLonghi TRD0715T Safeheat 1500W Portable Oil-Filled RadiatorOne of the main features of the DeLonghi TRD0715T is the device’s 24-hour programmable timer. Most space heaters only come with rudimentary timers and thermostats, but the TRD0715T’s timer can run the heater for an entire day without any extra user input. The time has 96 different setting and is easy to use and understand. The timer helps heat spaces without needing the user to constantly fiddle with controls.

The heater can be used right out of the box without any additional assembly required. Setup can be as simple as placing the device where you want it, plugging it in, and turning it on. From there the easy-to-use controls allow you to adjust the temperature to your liking and operate the three fan settings. If you want to move the device to another room, the 72 inch cord easily wraps around the front plate, making moving and storing the unit easier than ever. The heater also comes with an anti-freeze feature, which automatically turns the unit on when the temperature drops below 42 degrees Fahrenheit (convert). This helps prevent damage to water pipes, electronics, and other fragile devices that don’t like cold temperatures.


  • Can provide fast and flexible heating to whatever room it’s set up in without a long warm-up time or complex controls
  • The wheels snap down and allow the device to remain in place, but they can also be pulled back into place, allowing the heater to roll around on four wheels
  • The device maximized radiant flow of heat while maintaining a low surface temperature by using thermal vents and tunnels
  • The adjustable thermostat and heat settings makes it easy for users to set the ideal heating temperature, and keep their room at the selected heating level
  • The chassis is made from rust-resistant metal (info) that prevents corrosion and helps extend the life of the heater
  • The anti-freeze setting helps prevent frozen pipes and damaged electronics, without requiring the heater to run at all times
  • The device’s operation is almost silent, which makes it ideal for bedrooms and offices


  • The device might have trouble heating larger rooms and rooms with high, vaulted ceilings
  • If dropped or damaged, the device might leak oil and other functions might not work
  • For the first few weeks of use the device might smell funny, but proofing the device outdoors can prevent the smell. Proofing is letting the device run on its highest setting so it burns off any excess paint that would cause a harsh smell

Final Verdict

DeLonghi TRD0715T Safeheat 1500W Portable Oil-Filled Radiator

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One of the best oil-filled radiant heaters currently on the market, the DeLonghi TRD0715T performs better than the majority of heaters at its price range. The oil-filled heater is clean, energy efficient, safe to use. The device heats a small to medium sized room effectively and allows the user full control every aspect of the heater. The TRD0715T is very popular among its users and scores four stars or more on over 85 percent of all reviews. The heater will help keep the user warm and cozy, even when the weather outside is below freezing. All space heaters perform best when used in conjunction with a pre-existing heating system, so keep that in mind when purchasing a heater.