Dr Infrared Heater DR988 5600W Portable Industrial Heater Review

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One of the most popular portable industrial heaters currently on the market, the DR9888 is perfect for warming any construction site, garage, basement or workshop. The device comes with a specially designed heating element that is capable of producing more heat, faster, than many competing space heaters. The impressive portable design adds to the overall versatility and usefulness of the DR988, and makes it one of the top picks for industrial space heaters.

The device’s specifically designed heating element, utilitarian features, and portable design make it an impressive pick for anyone who wants to heat a semi-outdoor environment effectively. The heater comes with a built-in thermostat that can be adjusted from high to low, with a number of different options in between. The thermostat enables the user to turn the device on and allows the heater to run on the highest setting until the room reaches the optimal temperature. Then, the user can slowly turn the heat setting down until the heater automatically turns off. When the heater turns off, the optimal temperature is set for the current room temperature, and the device will self regulate from there. This means the device will turn itself on when the air temperature drops below where it’s been set, and it will turn back off when the air around the device is raised to the set temperature.

Dr Infrared Heater DR988 5600W Portable Industrial Heater

Dr Infrared Heater, DR988 5600W Portable Industrial Heater

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  • The Dr Infrared Heater DR988 is a portable, industrial space heater
  • Runs on 5600 Watts – 240 Volts
  • BTU heater rating 14,335
  • Heating area 600 square feet
  • Fan-driven heater
  • Electric power source
  • Steel casing
  • Safe for outdoor and semi-outdoor use
  • Red exterior finish and black grille finish
  • Noise level of 45 dB
  • Maximum temperature of 94 degrees Fahrenheit
  • One fan speed
  • Automatic shutoff protection
  • Adjustable thermostat with a control dial and two heat settings
  • Handle included
  • Weighs 20.5 pounds

These devices work very well when used to heat up a garage. Many users purchase two of the devices and set them up in either corner of the room to maximize heat output. The devices are capable of heating up a space very quickly, with a minimal overall effect on the user’s energy bill. In many cases, the Dr Infrared DR988 will work better than the majority of other heating alternative for garages including, baseboard heat, pellet stoves, and many types of wall-mounted space heaters. The DR988 is specifically designed for semi-outdoor use in garages, workshops, and basements, so the device will work very well when placed in those environments.

This infrared heater has a utilitarian look and an industrial feel, but it doesn’t leave out any modern safety features or amenities. To prevent bumps, burns, and accidents, the device is fitted with an industrial-strength, finger-proof steel intake grill. A similar grill is placed over the output vent to help prevent people from touching any heated elements. The device also comes fitted with automatic overheat cutoff protection, which trips if the intake vent is clogged or the device is laying flat on its face.


  • The device is designed for outdoor and semi-outdoor use, so the heater is great for garages, sheds, construction sites, and warehouses
  • The heater operates much quieter than many of the industrial heaters currently on the market
  • The device doesn’t require any assembly, additional parts, or additional installation
  • The Dr Infrared Heater DR988 produces a large amount of heat while having a minimal impact on your energy bill
  • The heater has a temperature range of 45 degrees Fahrenheit to 95 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes it very versatile
  • The device comes with a thermostat control that can be used to regulate the heater setting and overall room temperature
  • The device meets UL and C-UL safety certifications
  • The heater comes with industrial-strength finger-proof steel intake and discharge grilles
  • The DR988 projects heat across a great distance, which allows it to heat an entire area efficiently


  • The heater does not come with a remote control, so the user can only operate the device manually
  • The device has to be unplugged when not in use to reduce the risk of an accident
  • The device does not oscillate, so the heat is only blown in a single direction

Final Verdict

Dr Infrared Heater, DR988 5600W Portable Industrial Heater

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An efficient heater for any semi-outdoor environment, the DR988 is a reliable and consistent space heater. Great for any use, the space heater especially shines when used in a garage or a workshop. Many reviewers praise the device for its straightforward functions and simple design, and many of them give the device a rating of four stars of higher. The 988 is the perfect solution for any heating application, and it helps get rid of cold spots, frozen water, and drafts. The device can move a great deal of warm air, safely, which makes it a top pick for many users.