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Ceiling fans are considered to be more energy efficient as compared to the popular air conditioner. A usual air conditioning unit consumes 3,500 watts while a ceiling fan runs on 60 watts. The latter also speeds up the natural evaporation of perspiration. It easily cools down a person’s skin.

Do Ceiling Fans Reduce Energy Bills?

Moda Flame Houston 50-in Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace in living roomCeiling fans may or may not save you on your energy bills. Although it does not consume as much energy as an air conditioner, reducing your energy costs is also dependent on your consumption. If you rarely use an air conditioner, then you will barely see any difference in your bill.

In addition to that, you need to choose ceiling fans that are certified to be energy efficient. An efficient fan that is also powerful will make you comfortable even if you increase your thermostat.

Your home’s construction also affects your energy bills, like how well it is insulated and if you get a lot of sunlight. All these affect your energy consumption and how well a ceiling fan can cool down your home and family.

Your habits also affect your usage. If you spend most of the time in one room with a ceiling fan, you might be able to save money.

Every situation is different, which means different energy costs. Although fans are energy efficient, the problem lies with how people use ceiling fans. Most don’t understand the proper way to use these fans to save on energy costs. However, you can still strive to save energy through ceiling fans.

How to Save on Energy Use

There are certain hacks for your ceiling fans that you need to apply to cut down your energy bills. These are simple and can help you save more.

  • Raise your thermostat. When using your ceiling fan in a room, raise your thermostat by five to ten degrees. This ensures savings on your energy bills each month. This is a common mistake committed by most homeowners and they end up not saving anything. Oftentimes you might just pay more every month on your bill.
  • Turn off your ceiling fan if no one is in the room. Ceiling fans can cool you off through the wind chill effect so they do not necessarily affect the room’s temperature. Thus, it will be no use to keep a ceiling fan on if no one is in the room to feel its cooling effect. To save more on energy, turn it off when you leave.
  • Do not use your air conditioner while using your fan. Although the air conditioner and the ceiling fan can be used together on those scorching hot days and nights, this might not be good for your electric bill. If the ceiling fan is enough to cool you down, then you do not need to turn on your air conditioner.
  • Open your windows. Let the fresh and cool air in your home while you’re using the ceiling fan. This can help keep your home from becoming stuffy. This is also effective if the air outside your house is cooler than inside. You can also feel cooler without needing your air conditioner.

Energy Star’s Most Efficient Ceiling Fans in 2015

Hunter Camille 52 In. Brushed Chrome Ceiling Fan - energy starEnergy Star is a program that helps both individuals and businesses to protect the environment and save money through energy efficiency. The program recognizes the most efficient appliances, including ceiling fans.

Here are some of the ceiling fans that are on top of the list:

  1. Aeraotron E502-SL – It is 50 inches in diameter with an annual energy use of seven kWh. This ceiling fan is ideal for both residential and commercial use. It gives a gentle cool during summer while supporting natural ventilation. It evenly distributes temperature which saves up to 50 percent on energy costs on indoor cooling and heating.
  2. Monte Carlo 5DCR52RB – This ceiling fan model is 52 inches in size and consumes eight kWh for its annual energy use. It has a handheld remote with reverse and seven speeds. Its motor is more efficient and creates energy different. This translates to more savings for you.
  3. Kichler Lighting CP132307XXX – This 52-inch fan features an amazing design and superior motor. It has an annual energy use of 54 kWh. It has a distinct style with energy-saving features.
  4. Haiku Bamboo S3150-X0-BW – This fan from Big Ass Fans is 60 inches in diameter with an annual energy use of five kWh. It combines a great motor design with its handcrafted airfoils. This ceiling fan has 10 different settings, which include a sleep timer. Its airfoils are handmade from high quality materials. The fan does not wobble or rattle. It comes with a remote control.
  5. Emerson Electric Midway ECO CF955WW03 – This 54-inch ceiling fan has a unique 29 degrees airfoil blade pitch. It has an integrated light fixture and a downrod. The fan has an annual energy use of nine kWh.

Next time you go out to buy a ceiling fan, make sure you choose a model that is energy efficient and best suited for your needs.