Fire Sense Hanging Stainless Steel Halogen Patio Heater Review

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Purchasing a patio heater is a great approach to combat the chill outside of your house during the colder months of the year. With this device on hand, you can entertain family members and friends on the porch or the gazebo and keep them warm and comfortable throughout.

You don’t have to go for those higher-priced models just to partake in the benefits of this particular appliance. There are many models out there that will fit your budget, while still built with topnotch materials that are crafted to withstand outside elements through the years. One example of this is the Fire Sense Halogen Patio Heater, and let’s check whether this product fares well with consumers.

Fire Sense Hanging Stainless Steel Halogen Patio Heater 

Fire Sense Hanging Stainless Steel Halogen Patio Heater

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Now you can add more style to your porch, gazebo or patio and make it warm and toasty for your family and friends. It’s available in a variety of finishes so you can choose one which suits your home’s exteriors.

Specifications of this patio heater include the following:

Weight and Dimension

  • 1′ 2″ H x 1′ 11″ W x 1′ 11″ D
  • 14″ H x 22.85″ W x 22.85″ D
  • 8 lbs

Power Source

  • Electric

BTU Output

  • 5118 BTUs

Heat Range Diameter

  • 120′


  • Halogen

Additional Documents

  • Manual and Assembly instructions on PDF format

Equipment Required for Assembly

  • Screwdriver


Country of Manufacture

  • China

Additional Information

  • Eco-friendly
  • ETL Certified
Fire Sense Hanging Stainless Steel Halogen Patio Heater - ideal for chilly nights
Fire Sense Hanging Stainless Steel Halogen Patio Heater - upside down on table


Fire Sense makes, imports and distributes external heating, garden devices and patio goods. The company was established in 1998 and has since became a top distributor and innovator of user-friendly, quality products made for the outdoors.

The company’s Halogen Patio Heater is designed to be hung. It emits zero UV rays and operates silently. The product claims it offers 90% energy conversion and at the same time, cranks out a hundred percent of heat production in a matter of seconds.

The model is also versatile for it can also be used indoors. The model claims no heating wastage and it’s also ETL-approved. Furthermore, the entire package includes 8-feet, non-retractable power cords, halogen bulb and operates on 110 volts of household current.

The heater has two switches; one can turn a single 700-watt element and the other can turn on a sole 800-watt element. Once both switches were turned on, both of the elements are activated for 1500 watts.

Maintenance involves cleaning the unit with a soft cloth once it cools down.


The model has generated good buzz among consumers because of its heat-giving features and good lighting. One reviewer noted that the light reminds her of sitting around a fire, minus the flames. The light provides great ambience for parties and simple get-togethers with guests and family.

As stated by majority of reviewers, the heater should be hung fairly close if you want enough heat. Some hung the unit around 2 feet away from the patio table. Others have also stated that in order to maximize the model’s features, users have to follow the instructions very well if they want to install the unit inside the house instead of outdoors.

One reviewer also reminded prospective buyers that distance and wind and greatly affect the heat output since the product is the mounted type.

Others have complimented its good design and stylish copper finish. One user said it’s also a worthwhile purchase since the product was made from stainless steel so it has no risk of corrosion. The power switches on the model was also well-sealed to protect it from the elements.


A few buyers were not satisfied with the heat output from the product. They bought the model for a screened porch and noted that you can feel the heat from the model if you stand beneath the heater, but never while you are sitting at the table.

One user commented that the heater was nice to look at, lightweight and was pretty easy to install. However, the user also said that in order to get more heat from the model, you have to install the device in an enclosed area or a location without so much breeze coming in.

Some have also commented that the price of the device was a bit high.

Final Verdict

Fire Sense Hanging Stainless Steel Halogen Patio Heater - electric heater

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The product was not designed or promoted as an industrial electric heater that can warm up a larger area. Its mild heat is sufficient enough to make those sitting around a table toasty and comfortable. However, if you need more heat for your patio or if you live in a colder area, you have to look for another model because this might not work for you.

Regardless, the product was appreciated for its mild heat production. The model is available online and on fine household goods stores around the country.