Friedrich PH14B Portable Air Conditioner Review

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Continuously proving to be an excellent choice in cooling off large areas very quickly and efficiently is the Friedrich PH14B portable air conditioner that even comes with a heat pump, therefore, adding more practicality.

The PH14B model from Friedrich is famous for fast cooling in the most cost-effective way possible given that it features Friedrich’s legendary build quality and sophisticated styling. It is the portable air conditioner that is hard-working and hard-wearing. It is built to withstand tough environments yet is among the quietest and most energy efficient in its class today.

Friedrich PH14B Portable Air Conditioner

Friedrich PH14B Portable Air Conditioner with heat pump

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Unlike other brands, which have first specialized on other home appliances before venturing into the world of air conditioning, Friedrich is a brand that has been known for ACs right from the start. They have long been providing quality performance, efficiency, and great service to its loyal customers.

Constructed only from the highest-quality materials and components, the Friedrich PH14B built to meet the tight standards. It offers comfort and convenience with all the ideal applications and features. Check out the complete list of specifications below:

  • Friedrich PH14B Portable Air Conditioner with heat pump - back side with dual hose system13,500 BTU Cooling Capacity
  • 10,700 BTU Heating Capacity
  • Requires Electric Current of 110-120 volts
  • Recommended maximum coverage area of up to 500 square feet
  • ZoneAir Portable Heat Pump
  • EER or Energy Efficiency Ratio of 9.5
  • Moisture Removal of 6.0 pints per hour
  • Dehumidifier Mode
  • Heater Mode
  • Fan-Only Mode
  • Recommended maximum area of up to 700 square feet
  • Dual Hoses
  • 40% Faster Cooling
  • 4-in-1 System – Air Conditioner, Heater, Dehumidifier, and a Fan
  • Condensate Overflow Protection
  • Self-Evaporative System
  • Thermostat Setting of 60 degrees to 90 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Operating Temperature from 14 degrees to 95 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Environment-Friendly Refrigerant of R-410A


With an almost flawless 4-star rating at Amazon, the PH14B model from Friedrich opens up a whole world of cooling and heating possibilities all for the comfort of anyone who chooses to use this. It might be more expensive than the other same-BTU capacity portable ACs but it offers so many more features than cannot be found on other models.

The Friedrich PH14B is as powerful as it can be. Regardless of what is more important to you whether it is cooling, dehumidifying, or heating, this portable air conditioner can be the only thing you need for your room or house all-year round.

Here are some of the well-loved features of the Friedrich PH14B:

  1. It features 4-in-1 efficient system

Friedrich PH14B Portable Air Conditioner with heat pump - featuresThis Friedrich PH14B does not just cool and dehumidify, it also perfectly warms up a room when needed. With a 13,500 BTU cooling capacity, this can easily cool up areas of up to 500 square feet on even the hottest days. For heating, this has a 10,700 BTU capacity which is a very efficient form of supplemental heat.

Removing up to 6 pints of moisture per hour, the dehumidification capacity of this portable air conditioner will ensure the air you breathe in is always fresh and dry. For those days that the weather is just right and you just need air to circulate better, this also has a fan-only mode which is the most energy efficient mode of all. Read the user manual to understand all four modes.

  1. It offers bucketless evaporation

Because of the self-evaporative condensate system, excess moisture is removed through the exhaust hose. This basically means that there is no water bucket or tray to worry about. Should the time come when humidity is at its highest point, there is a back-up, built-in reservoir that should hold the excess condensate.

When this happens, the control panel will show a light indicating the water is full from which it will automatically shut off to prevent spills unto the floor or tiles. In addition, there is also an outlet drain for easy water removal if indeed humidity is extremely high and the reservoir fills up rather quickly.

  1. It is easy to install and use

This Friedrich PH14B AC is easy to install, as all installation accessories are already included. The window kit installation also fits both vertical and horizontal window openings. The kit also contains dual intake and exhaust hoses.

In addition, it has a long power cord of 6 feet and comes with durable easy-roll casters and side handles for ultimate portability.


The PH14B model from Friedrich might be more expensive at its current retail price of approximately over $600 but then if you think about the features and the high EER, you know you are bound to save more with this unit than other less expensive ones.

Final Verdict

Friedrich PH14B Portable Air Conditioner with heat pump - box

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Designed to ultimately provide comfort all-year round is the Friedrich PH14B air conditioner. It features a very modern design, top-of-the-line features, and of course, everything that Friedrich has been known for throughout their years of being in the air conditioning industry.

If you want a really high-quality 4-in-1 portable AC unit that is cost-effective, this Friedrich PH14B is well worth purchasing. Best part is that it will surely come in handy in your home to warm or cool all year round regardless of the season.