Holmes Desktop Heater HFH111T-NU Review

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It’s sometimes very difficult to keep some rooms at a comfortable temperature using only central heating. It’s common for every home or office to have cold spots. When you’re seated, it’s common to find that the area under a desk, or near a window, can be much cooler than the rest of the room. That’s where a unit like the Holmes Desktop Heater can help. It’s not very big, and it weighs almost nothing, so it’s easy to carry around and locate anywhere you need additional heat. The Holmes Desktop Heater creates a microclimate wherever it’s placed, and it can save you a lot of money by allowing you to be comfortable where you’re seated without requiring you to turn up the room’s heat.

Holmes Desktop Heater HFH111T-NU

Holmes Desktop Heater HFH111T-NU

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  • Small portable desktop heater
  • 7.5 x 4.5 x 11.3 inches
  • Weighs 1 pound
  • Shipping weight 2.4 pounds
  • Two heat settings
  • 1500-watt maximum heat setting
  • Fan-only setting
  • Built-in adjustable thermostat
  • Automatic safety overheat shut-off
  • Tip-over shutoff protection
  • Built-in carry handle
  • Easy to adjust manual control knobs
  • Weighs 2.4 pounds
  • 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty

In office settings, it’s sometimes impossible to make everyone comfortable with the same thermostat settings. What’s too hot for some can feel arctic to others, and some workers appreciate a little bit of heat under their desk even during air conditioning season. A small, inexpensive space heater like the Holmes Desktop allows anyone to stay warm without bothering others. If stuffiness is a problem, the unit also runs on a fan-only setting, making it useful if all you need is a little breeze. While the unit can seem a little noisy in a quiet room, in a typical office setting the heater will probably be inaudible, especially if it’s place under a desk.

Electric heating can be expensive, but heating only the area where you’re sitting can be the most cost-effective way to achieve comfort if your surroundings are too cold. Many offices have low-pile carpet over a concrete slab floor, and in the winter, many workers suffer from cold feet no matter how high the thermostat is turned up. A little heater like the Holmes Desktop, placed under a desk, can warm your feet without making your face feel flushed, and won’t bother other workers nearby who prefer cooler temperatures.


  • Holmes Desktop Heater HFH111T-NUVery inexpensive
  • Automatic thermostat control keeps the area at a constant temperature
  • Indicator light tells you if the unit is plugged in, even when the unit is not in use, which is handy if you want to keep unit unplugged when not in use
  • Both automatic overheating and tip-over shut-offs make accidents much less likely
  • Heating a small area where you’re sitting is much less expensive than heating a whole room or whole house all the time
  • Fan-only setting makes the unit useful in the hotter summer months as well
  • The unit is weighted on the bottom so it’s less likely to tip over
  • Safe to use under a desk, as it turns off automatically if it’s tipped over
  • Safe for use around pets or toddlers
  • Two heat settings make it easy to keep your area at the proper temperature
  • Simple, intuitive controls using rotary knobs instead of digital readouts
  • The automatic shutoff when the unit tips over automatically resets when the unit is placed upright again
  • Two-prong power cord plugs in almost anywhere
  • Six-foot-long power cord makes placement easier without resorting to extension cords
  • The face of the unit is cool to the touch while it’s running, allowing you to sit close to it without fear of burning yourself


  • Not recommended for use in bathrooms
  • Somewhat noisy if you’re sitting close to it

Final Verdict

Holmes Desktop Heater HFH111T-NU

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The Holmes HFH111T-NU Desktop Heater is a best seller, and it gets positive reviews from a great majority of purchasers. Over 70 percent of reviewers rate the Holmes Desktop at four stars or better out of five. Users like how light the unit is, and say its small size makes it easy to stow away in a desk drawer when not in use. Reviewers often mention how handy it is to be able to place the heater under a desk to keep their feet warm without worrying about tipping it over and causing a fire. Other users mention that the anti-tip feature, along with the cool exterior of the unit, allows them to use the unit to warm an area where animals or toddlers are present without worry as well.

While the unit consumes between 1 and 1-1/2 kilowatts per hour (check the costs) when it’s in heating mode, many users say that they’re able to save money on heating bills because the Holmes Desktop Heater allows them to keep only the area where they’re sitting at a comfortable temperature, while the rest of the room can be kept cooler, which saves on central heating costs. For these reasons and other reasons, the Holmes Desktop Heater should be considered a best buy.