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Staying cool as the summer months reach their sizzling high in temperature is not always easy. Your probably sit back and relax in your air conditioned home without much thought as to how your air conditioner actually works. If you are looking to purchase the best HVAC cooling system for your home or are looking to learn more about the overall function of an air conditioner, you should continue reading below.

Here is some vital information on how air conditioners work:

Not Adding Cool Air

It might surprise you to learn that the main function of your air conditioning system is not about adding cool air to your space. In contrast, an air conditioner actually works most by removing the heat. A room with less heat is a room that feels much cooler. Air conditioning is very reliant on the effect of absorption. Think of it in the same manner that a swab of alcohol has the ability to make your skin feel cool. The temperature of your skin was not lowered by the alcohol, but the heat near your skin is drawn away. This means that an air conditioner works much differently than you might realize to help cool down you and your home. The key to the overall function of any air conditioner is simply to remove heat from the air.

3 Main Components

In order for an air conditioner to work properly and cool down your home, there are 3 components that are most integral in the process. These 3 parts of your air conditioner that matter most include a compressor, condenser and an evaporator. Each component has their own function. Here is a closer look at each component and how they work exactly.

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Most air conditioning units have one special chemical in them known as a refrigerant. A refrigerant in the air conditioner is so important because it has the ability to transform from a gas into a liquid very quickly. It is also possible to refer to a refrigerant as Freon. This Freon moves throughout the air conditioning unit and it critical in helping to remove heat from the space. This refrigerant or Freon travels through the different components. When it enters the compressor, the Freon becomes heated and it transformed into a high pressure gas until it enters the condenser.

The Condenser

In the condenser, the heat is removed from the refrigerant and it is turned into a high pressured liquid. This results in a refrigerant that is extremely cold and the air from inside your home is drawn, which allows the heat to be removed. The process of the refrigerant moving through the components continues as it re-enters the compressor again.

The entire process does not stop until the thermostat on the unit registers a specified temperature. Once the temperature in the room has reached this point the compressor is shut off. As the temperature in the room begins to heat up again, the thermostat will notice the added heat and will turn the compressor back on. The entire process start over again involving the 3 components of the air conditioner and the refrigerant. This results in more of the hot pressurized gas being created. The thermostat features of your air conditioner range depending on the type of model and cooling system that you have. However, the overall function of any air conditioner is mostly the same.

Air Conditioning Basics

The parts of a normal air conditioning unit are normally within a closed system. Not only is there a compressor, condenser and evaporator, but also there is typically a motorized fan that circulates the conditioned air (wiki info). The motorized fan is an important part of any air conditioner because it helps to disperse the conditioned air throughout the space and remove the heat. The compressor is the part in a typical air conditioner that is the heaviest, which is needed to withstand the vast amounts of pressure required for the Freon.

Since there are a variety of models of air conditioners on the market, it is possible to purchase one that offers energy savings. Some types of air conditioners are designed to be more energy efficient and can function without increasing your energy bills too much. Trying to keep your doors closed and your shades drawn can allow you to keep the cool air from your air conditioner inside your home.

How Cold Do You Want It?

It is possible to use your air conditioner to reach the desired temperature within your home. Different air conditions offer a variety of different settings and some even have thermostat features. A thermostat on your air conditioner can help add to the overall energy efficiency and will keep your air conditioner from running at all times. All you have to do is set the desired temperature once and your air conditioner will work to maintain this temperature. Of course when the air conditioning unit has to work more to get the room colder (compared to the outside temperature) the costs to run the unit will increase since it will use more energy. See below the youtube on how an air conditioning unit works.