LG Electronics LP0814WNR Air Conditioner Review

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Whether you are looking for a portable air conditioner for your home or for work, the LG Electronics LP0814WNR portable air conditioner of 8,000 BTU is a very ideal choice.

With its sleek and contemporary design along with an auto evaporation system and programmable timer, this quickly became Amazon’s #1 best seller in the category of portable air conditioners. In addition, it is a free standing unit making which makes it look absolutely gorgeous and blends with any room décor.

LG Electronics LP0814WNR Portable Air Conditioner

LG Electronics LP0814WNR portable air conditioner with remote control

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If it is convenience you are looking for, it would not get better than the LG Electronics LP0814WNR. It a portable air conditioning unit with casters for easy movement yet its portability comes without any excuses or sacrifices.

If you still think that portable ACs do not come close to efficiently cooling a room just like a window type AC would normally do, you have to try this LG Electronics LP0814WNR (PDF) out. This just might make you change your mind with its numerous features and benefits.

LG Electronics USA just continues to prove why they remain a leader in the global air conditioning market because of their unending innovations and helpful contributions to the industry. To know more why this has been the #1 bestselling portable air conditioner today, check out its specific details:

  • 8,000 BTU
  • Requires standard 115-volt electrical outlet
  • Suggested room area to a maximum of 300 square feet
  • Dehumidification of up to 2 pints per hour
  • LED Display panel
  • 2 Fan Speeds
  • 2 Cooling Speeds
  • 4-Way Air Deflection
  • Electronic Touch Controls
  • Programmable 24 Hour On/Off Timer
  • Full Function Remote Control
  • Auto Restart
  • Thermostat Control
  • Rotary Compressor
  • Blower In-Door Fan Type
  • Front Air Discharge
  • EER (wiki) or Energy Efficiency Ratio of 9.0


With a consistent stellar 4.0 rating at Amazon, this LG Electronics LP0814WNR air conditioner continues to be their bestselling unit. It effectively cools the room very quickly. Setup is easiest as there is no way it would take you more than 15 minutes to fully set it all up. However, keep in mind that LG suggests that this portable AC be kept upright for 24 hours before turning it on for safety and preventative purposes.

At its current price of less than $300, it is a no-brainer if one should get this LG Electronics LP0814WNR portable Air Conditioner or not. It is even considered cheap and affordable especially if you are to compare it to other high-end brands with more or less the same features and capacity. To know more, here are the great benefits of having this portable AC.

  1. It is portable but efficient

More and more people now prefer a portable AC instead of the other types that take a great amount of effort and time in installation. With this LG Electronics LP0814WNR, you will get a free-standing unit along with multiple features including multiple fan speeds and a programmable 24-hour timer which makes it absolutely practical. Experts rejoice for the fact that users can now control temperature even if they are not inside the specific room being cooled through programming it.

One can further control room temperature through the multiple fan speeds with auto cool feature. If you cannot determine the temperature you want, let this intelligent air conditioner find the right temperature based on the current detected room temperature of your room.

  1. It has auto restart feature

Gone are the days when one has to run immediately to turn off ACs once there is a power blackout. This was done in the past for the belief that it power shortages and outages ruin systems of ACs. Today, most modern air-conditioners, of course including this LG Electronics LP0814WNR Air Conditioner, have an auto-restart feature.

This feature basically means that this AC has the power to automatically restart should there be a power outage. As a result, one gets to have more peace of mind especially during nights where everyone is fast asleep and does not really know if there was power outage or not. Read about more features in the user manual.

  1. It has an efficient auto evaporation system

Most consumers dislike portable air conditioners for the notion that they have to always be mindful of emptying the water bucket because of the risk of water spilling onto the floor.

With this auto evaporation system (link), one can enjoy continuous comfort of cold air without the need to check on the water bucket every once in a while. Hence, that makes this the more practical choice as far as portable ACs go.


The LG Electronics LP0814WNR Air Conditioner would not come close to being a bestseller if it is not worthy to be one. However, there is no such thing as a perfect AC unit simply because consumers will always try to find what is wrong or lacking with the system.

For this bestseller, some consumers find the noise a bit bothersome though most consumers think that the noise is normal and even quieter than the other ones they have tried in the previous years.

Final Verdict

LG Electronics LP0814WNR portable air conditioner with remote control - top side control panel with display

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If we were to talk about practicality, it would not get any better than the practicality that LG Electronics LP0814WNR Portable Air Conditioner has to offer. It comes with a remote control, produces 8,000 BTU, is light, compact, quiet, and comes with a lot of useful features for one’s daily comfort.