Pioneer WYQ012GMFI22RL Mini Split Air Conditioner Review

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Ductless air conditioners are gaining ground and they carry on to get plenty of enhancements because of consumers’ need for standard AC substitute. They are also called mini split systems and because of ductless technology, consumers can now have an AC they can use on areas that require zoning.

One of the most talked-about models is Pioneer’s ductless mini split inverter air conditioner with heat pump, and we are going to discuss its features, advantages and disadvantages in this article.

Pioneer WYQ012GMFI22RL Ductless 12,000 BTU Mini Split Air Conditioner

Pioneer WYQ012GMFI22RL Ductless Mini Split Inverter Air Conditioner with Heat Pump

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The WYQ012GMFI22RL is a ductless mini split air conditioner that promises to provide comfort and heat in your home without the noise that standard ACs make, yet still able to operate efficiently and excellently.

The model stands at 42 x 48 x 66 inches and weighs at 315 pounds.

  • 12,000 BTUs
  • Operates with a 2-line 208-230 VAC Standard L1-L2-G power
  • SEER High efficiency
  • ETL-approved
  • AHRI-listed
  • Has Energy Star approval
  • Installation kit includes 16-ft length line set and other accessories

Pioneer WYQ012GMFI22RL Ductless Mini Split Inverter Air Conditioner - safety certified

Pioneer WYQ012GMFI22RL Ductless Mini Split Inverter Air Conditioner - remote controlFeatures

Pioneer Corporation is a Japanese multinational company that produces electronic products, mainly digital entertainment items. It is based in the Kawasaki area of Kanagawa, Japan. The first products from the company made by Nozomu Matsumoto, its founder, were audio devices.

The corporation has since expanded its line of products; apart from audio and digital entertainment units, they have also manufactured a line of air conditioners like the WYQ012GMFI22RL.

Cooling or heating a room in every house is now made possible thanks to devices like this. This is a model from the WYQ mini split series and it includes a remote control that lets users pick among the 4 available operation methods. You can select to cool the room down, use the heating option, dehumidify or set it on ventilation mode.

In addition, it has an automatic switchover option, which is accessible thru its board computer. To start or stop the system at a particular time, there is a timer function that makes it possible. There is also a night mode function, which mechanically takes on the settings of the temperature to adjust to the human body’s changing temp levels at night.

The auto restart function meanwhile commits to memory all of the settings in the event of power failures. It then restarts the system and carries on to operate in the same method once the power comes back.

Lastly, the automatic swing discharge shifts the direction of the air circulation moderately in a far-reaching manner.


Many who have bought the unit were very much impressed with the device. It was agreed that the model provided great performance and its accompanying operating cost was excellent as well. One was happy to say that the model cools majority of the house yet its operations did not exceed the rates the he was paying to run his central air-conditioning unit.

One user also noted its noise-free operations, saying you cannot hear it operate at all, on the outside or even within the device. The same user also added that it was nicely designed and well-built with first-rate materials. The grill outlet was a good addition since it lets users circulate the air as the louvers gently shift themselves up and down.

Another also showered the unit with praise, saying it was simple to operate and is energy-efficient. Other than its great looks, the device’s sleek outline blends right in with the space and its exterior unit is sufficiently small that it does not feel invasive or out of place. The user also added that the unit will surely fit small spaces and is highly recommended for homes that do not have central air conditioning.

Those who have used the heat pump and dehumidifier were also glad to say that both methods worked effectively.


There were several users who did not have any problems installing the device, but there were a few who have had some complaints. One reviewer noted that the distributor could definitely improve its Owners’ Manual and Instruction Book. The user said that the print was tiny and some text was blurred in particular areas, which made it troublesome to read and keep track of the provided instructions.

Another user also advised other owners that the manual covers a few BTU sizes so you have to check that you are actually following the particular instructions for the unit they own. A few also added that installing the entire unit could take some time.

Final Verdict

Pioneer WYQ012GMFI22RL Ductless Mini Split Inverter Air Conditioner

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So the pros trumped the cons by way of this device; this is the best model available for the price. The owners themselves are on the same boat. It’s a unit that does all its claims, is versatile and from heater down to the dehumidifier, it works as a single unit effectively and efficiently.