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You might think we are crazy by telling you that a thing as simple as a ceiling fan can save you lots of money and energy especially during the summer season but it is the truth that not everyone is aware of. For that reason, we plan to make everyone well-informed and aware of this wonderful and practical idea especially since the summer season is almost here. Read our complete buying guide of ceiling fans here!

Whenever the weather is hot, people resort to several things – turning up the air conditioner in full blast, hanging out at the beach (though this could give you skin damage), hanging out at the nearest mall (this may be more costly), or getting a ceiling fan (the cheapest way to go).

To give you a better point of view on which option you should choose, here is a quick and easy comparison. A typical air conditioning unit uses about 3,500 watts of energy while an ordinary ceiling fan uses only around 60 watts.

Of course you would tell us that despite the lower watt usage of a ceiling fan, it does not blow cold air just as an AC would. And that is also why we would tell you how to better use your ceiling fan to make it produce a wind-chill effect which should give you a cooler feeling.

The Practicality of Using a Ceiling Fan

Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe 5-Blade Single Light Ceiling Fan with Brazilian Cherry:Stained Oak Blades and Piped Toffee Glass Light Bowl, 52-Inch, New Bronze

Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe Ceiling Fan

There have been so much hype about the convenience and benefits of having an air conditioning system that people have quite forgotten about ceiling fans. Yes, an AC might cool the room almost instantly but are you prepared to shed hundreds or probably even thousands just for your electric bill?

Because of the increasing energy costs and the government’s cry to preserve electricity, the primary focus of consumers is now being redirected to more energy-efficient appliances and smart ideas. While most modern air conditioners are regarded as energy efficient with most of them even bearing the Energy STAR badge, consuming 3,500 watts of energy on a daily basis is just not practical at all.

This is why experts have been releasing various ways of how to save money and energy this summer without really sacrificing one’s comfort. Amazingly, using a ceiling fan has so many great advantages and benefits that would make you enjoy summer more and might even let you save up for that last-minute summer vacation you clearly deserve.

Check out these practicalities of using a ceiling fan and how to use its functions to save money and energy during the summer season:

  1. Ceiling fans provide year-round comfort and efficiency

Hunter Camille 52 In. Brushed Chrome Ceiling Fan -2

Hunter Camille Ceiling Fan – energy star

Whoever told you that ceiling fans cannot be used during the winter season has yet to come across any of the modern day fans. Are you not aware that most ceiling fans today are reversible? Yes this actually means two things, fans can be reversible in terms of the design and the other is being reversible in the sense that they operate both clockwise and counter-clockwise.

During winter, make sure your ceiling fan goes in a clockwise position because this will make the arm and cool air mix in order to give that cozy and warm feeling inside the room. In addition, this makes sure there is a steady warm temperature in the room.

During summer season, make sure the ceiling fan is on a counter-clockwise position. Some even call this the summer setting of every ceiling fan since it is the direction capable to producing a cool breeze. In addition, this creates the most air movement inside the room which is responsible for that breeze effect.

  1. Ceiling fans are great supplemental cooling or heating units

Minka Aire F1000-ORB Dyno 52 Inch Ceiling Fan, Oil-Rubbed Bronze - light detail

Minka Aire F1000-ORB Dyno Ceiling Fan

Instead of getting another AC or heater that will of course double your electric costs, why not try getting a ceiling fan first? Not only will your house be more gorgeous and charming but it consumes way less electricity than if you are to get another heating or cooling system.

Make no mistake here. Ceiling fans cannot actually cool a room like an air conditioner can but it surely costs less to have one than install an additional cooler or a heater at home without really sacrificing comfort. In fact, it might just produce the “just right” temperature that you would not otherwise get from two air-conditioners or two-heaters.

In doing so, do not forget to adjust the thermostat. During summer, you can take off the extra load from your AC by setting it in low cool setting and turning the ceiling fan on. This will surely cost less than having just the AC alone in a high setting.

In order to get the maximum benefit from ceiling fans, make sure that the blade’s angle is less than twelve degrees. Some ceiling fan blades do get out of angle sometimes due to the high pressure especially it is always on a high setting. Do check this out once in a while because any angle less or more than 12 degrees will not give you enough air circulation.

Ceiling fans are now considered a great investment especially in areas where it is always too warm or too cold. Instead of buying another heater or air conditioning unit, why not supplement your current heating and cooling system with a ceiling fan? You are definitely bound to get more savings in the long run through these versatile and beautiful ceiling fans.