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While summer days and nights are pretty exciting, electric bills are on the contrary. This is the season when most people run their air conditioning units more often, take showers a few more times and have their fans on playing mode till it gets cool. Thing is, people crank more electricity consumption than ever.

An average home spends hundreds to thousands of dollars per year for energy costs, most of it during warm weathers, as in summer months. And you’re likely to feel the burn both on your skin and in your pocket.

Here are some helpful energy saving tips to guide you not only to save for your pockets but also for Mother Earth.

  • Check your air conditioning units to see if it needs to be replaced

If your air conditioning unit has been serving your home for decades now, then you should probably be considering finding for its replacement. Most units that are really old cannot efficiently and sufficiently cool off an entire room or your house, and if ever it can, it’ll take the unit to put on more effort thereby, consuming more electricity.

Should you decide to replace your old air conditioning units, make sure that the new one should cost less when you use it and is equipped with energy-approved program standards.

  • Alternate your air condition with an electric ceiling fan

Give your cooling unit a break; so as not to wear it easily and at the same time saves on your energy costs. To keep the area cool, use a ceiling fan instead to move around the air inside your home. On hot days, you can combine the AC with the ceiling fan and thereby reducing the electricity costs of the AC.

  • Your air conditioning unit should be running in good condition

To ensure that your cooling units are on its pink of good condition, you have to have them regularly checked by professionals. Also, check the unit’s air filters if it needs to be cleaned up because if there’s too much of dusts in it, chances are there will be not sufficient airflow within the unit.

  • Find alternative ways of cooking

When you use your oven everyday, especially during hours when the weather is at its warmest, it’ll only add up more heat within your home, which will require your air conditioning unit to work hard and longer to neutralize the temperature. If using your oven is of necessity, you can still use only during the morning or late evening when the weather is not so warm. Alternatively, you can also use your microwave or simply grill outside.

  • Make use of an automated thermostat

Make use of what technology has to offer these days and by that replace your manual thermostat with an automatic one so you can easily adjust the thermostat of your cooling units even if you are not at home. Automate the thermostat by lowering it down whenever you are not around to save energy costs and then change it back to its cooling temperature when you are to go home.

  • Close the areas in your house where the warm rays are likely to enter

Pull your windows and curtains closed so that the warm rays, especially during the peak hours won’t enter inside your house. This lessens the need for your air conditioner to put more effort on cooling the interior spaces.

  • Use more energy efficient light bulbs

Energy Saving HouseReplace your incandescent bulbs with energy efficient ones. Not only will they help you save on your energy costs, it also lasts longer so there will be no need for you to replace your bulbs more often.

  • Turn off power sources when not in use

If you think your appliances don’t run electricity even when they are turned off but are still plugged in a power source, then you are definitely wrong. TVs, computers, fans and other electrical devices still consume power even if they are in standby mode. To save on energy costs, if they are not in use pull off the appliances from the power source.

  • Skip on using dryers but rather have your clothes dried outside, under the warm sun

It’s pretty conventional to take advantage of the heat when you dry your clothes. Instead of using dryers, which also adds up to more consumption of electricity, have your clothes dried outside.

  • Save costs on your swimming pool

If you have a pool, consider operating its pool filter and automatic cleaning sweep to five hours at maximum. If this is way too long for you, then you can have it operate during peak hours only.

There are so many things to be joyous during summer – the beach, the fine weather, the sun and of course, the heat. But don’t forget that as you enjoy the activities of the summer, high-energy costs will also consume most of your money. These energy saving tips are certainly of good help for you and for the environment as well.