SPT WA-8070E 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Review

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When it comes to effective and efficient ways to cool down during those long, hot, stifling summers, look no farther than SPT (Sunpentown) air conditioners.

One of its products that consumers love is the SPT WA-807E 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner. Ideal for small spaces such as bedrooms or offices, this AC unit can cool up to an area of 250 square feet. Because it is portable, the AC unit can be safely taken into storage for the other days of the year when it is not in use and it does not take too much space in a room.

SPT WA-8070E 8,000 BTU Single Hose Portable Air Conditioner

SPT WA-8070E 8,000BTU Single Hose Portable Air Conditioner

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The air conditioners under the Supentown name are all powerful, reliable and versatile. WA-807E is no different, offering a host of other features to make life easier and more comfortable. The 8,000 BTU cooling capacity ensures steady, cool temperatures 24 hours a day for an impressive area of up to 250 feet.

Below are the product’s specifications to give you a picture of what you’ll be getting with the SPT WA-8070E single hose portable air conditioner.

  • 8,000 BTU cooling power
  • Self evaporating system
  • Digital temperature display
  • 2 fan speeds
  • Auto-Restart feature
  • LCDI plug
  • Fire resistant PVC plastic housing
  • Removes moisture for personal comfort (dehumidifier functions automatically in AC mode)
  • Washable air filters collects dust particles
  • Digital thermostat with remote control
  • Choice of programmable timer or continuous operation
  • Programmable timer – up to 24 hours (ON, OFF or both)
  • Directional air discharge louvers
  • Extendable exhaust hose (up to 59″.)
  • Built-in water tank or extended water tube for continuous drainage
  • UL approved


  1. It is a portable unit

SPT WA-8070E 8,000BTU Single Hose Portable Air Conditioner - top control unitThe AC unit can easily be moved from room to room; all depending where you want to use it at a given time. Although the product weighs around 51 pounds, the built-in casters make it easier to move whether you’re taking it to or from storage.

  1. It features a programmable timer

The SPT WA-8070E has a programmable timer. So you can choose when to use the unit – continuous air conditioning, or during specific periods of a day. It even comes with an intelligent auto restart so if the power goes out, it’ll just continue with its previous settings when the power comes back.

  1. You easily go for the continuous drainage option when cleaning

This product comes with an extended water tube for continuous drainage so you don’t have to manually drain the moisture that inevitably builds up inside an AC. The extra-long drain hose, which extends up to 59 inches, is included in the package and only needs installation in a convenient area. Of course some maintenance is required in order to have this AC unit last for a long time.

  1. It has a lot of additional features for extra perks

This portable AC comes with a lot of additional features that makes it a great buy. There is a dehumidifier function, two fan speeds and washable air filters.

The digital temperature display shows the temperature and makes it easy for the customer to choose the desired temperature with a remote control from anywhere in the room ultimately making it very user-friendly.

A safety feature of the unit is fire-resistant plastic housing so even in the unlikely event of overheating; the exterior casing will catch fire. This unit has many features and to know them all you are advised to read the instructions manual.

  1. It functions quietly and with minimal noise

Most air conditioning units make noise and this is no exception. The noise it makes is actually quite minimal. The SPT WA-8070E is expected to produce around 54 decibels of sound pressure which can be compared to normal speaking volume, or of a TV at low volume from a distance of one meter.


Other customers tell of how they are having a difficult time installing the hose and finding other ways to fix it so the exhaust can work well. This seems to be isolated cases as most costumers are pretty satisfied with the product and its performance.

Again, the unit is ideal for smaller rooms and you’d have to consider that there might be other factors that might come into play to affect temperature. There might be an issue with the level of noise that the unit produces but that is a personal preference as some actually don’t find it relevant at all.

Final Verdict

SPT WA-8070E 8,000BTU Single Hose Portable Air Conditioner - dimensions

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The SPT WA-8070E has a very nice design, making the room look modern and inviting. It is even energy efficient because of its Self-Evaporating Technology where during the cooling process, the water that is extracted from the air is also used to cool the cooling coils saving energy as well as cooling the room so there is a lesser need to drain water.

This product does its job well with very little fuss for the customers and it has all the other extra features to make it a great buy. In fact, most costumers find it very easy to use. The unit does exactly what it says on the packaging. Taking only a few minutes for easy installation, it will cool the room as it is meant to do as soon as it is installed.

Garnering a 4-star review at Amazon, the customers love this product. The SPT WA-8070E 8,000 BTU single hose portable AC unit is a reliable and durable product for its value.