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How do you cool your home the fastest and most convenient way possible? The answer is simple – turn on the Air Conditioner of course. However, while it may sound as simple as that, you bank account probably cries each and every time you and your kids do this. While this still is the most viable solution to those extremely hot summer days, there also are days when you can skip this and turn to other solutions. Have you ever thought of using a ceiling fan instead of an AC unit? Especially the natural climate and energy efficiency of a fan is a huge plus compared to an AC.

What we have here is quite a long list of tips on cooling your home without breaking your budget. We made this a bit long for everyone to simply pick out the tips that would work for them and the type of their house, condominium unit, or rented apartment.

Check out which ones you can actually do and may be keep a separate list of them and post it on the fridge door so that everyone will be reminded to do these whenever they can.

  1. Keep the curtains, shades, and blinds closed

If you follow Feng Shui tips, you might get angry at us because keeping the windows open and letting the light in is regarded as a good practice. You can still do this in the morning. However, you would not want to do this with the afternoon sun.

Experts say that about 30% of unwanted heat comes from the windows and that shades, curtains, and blinds can save you 7% on the electric bills as it lowers the temperature by as much as 20 degrees.

  1. Know which sheets and pillows to use

Are you aware that buckwheat pillows do not hold body heat, therefore, giving off a perfectly cool feeling at any given time of day? Yes because this type of pillows have a naturally occurring air space between the buckwheat hulls.

As for bed sheets and pillow covers, you would want to skip the silk during hot summer months and stick with cotton instead. Cotton lets the skin breathe and generally stays cooler than any other fabric.

Another useful tip here is to change your sheets and covers regularly especially during the hot months.

  1. Turn on the exhaust fans

Exhaust fans can be usually found in the kitchen and/or the bathroom. Make sure these are turned on right at the moment you hit the gas stove or the oven so that heat will be absorbed by the exhaust fan right away. This will prevent the hot air from further spreading to other areas of the house.

As for your bathrooms, if you feel uneasy and cold with the exhaust fan turned on while you shower, you can instead turn it on right after you take a hot or warm shower. This will make sure that the hot air will be pulled upwards before it can escape to go outside the bathroom.

  1. Set the ceiling fans to counterclockwise

Are you surprised? We were surprised too at first. Experts say that most modern ceiling fans actually need to be adjusted seasonally. When summer season is about to start, you should start setting them to rotate counterclockwise. This gives a wind-chill breeze effect which everyone says feel cooler. Return it to the clockwise rotation once summer is over.

  1. Open windows and doors at night

When we say open the windows and doors, you do not exactly have to leave them open even when you are sleeping. If you should, make sure you have some sort of door and window screen to ensure no one could actually come inside without your permission.

Temperatures drop at night even during the summer months. Savor that refreshing colder breeze each time you have by letting the night air in.

  1. Switch to CFLs

CFLs are compact fluorescent lamps, which are greatly known to conserve energy and last longer. Forget those old incandescent lights that not just give a warm feeling but burns the electric bill as well.

CFLs may cost more than regular incandescent bulbs but you are bound to experience long-term savings and benefits with it.

  1. Grill outside

What is summer without grilling outdoors? Regardless of how small your porch, terrace, or backyard is, you can surely find the right size of griller for you. Make it a habit to always grill outside than bake inside the house.

Keep in mind that the oven emits heat which spreads around the house extremely quickly. So if you do not want the whole house feeling like a big oven, turn to the griller outside instead.

  1. Have more plants and trees

Plants and trees have this general cooling effect aside from the fact that it can block the sun’s light from entering your house. Because of this, the heat absorbed by your house is significantly reduced. In addition, you even get to have fresher air to breathe.

If our ancestors were able to live through the olden times without air conditioning, then there should be no reason why we cannot. Start by doing these steps and you might be amazed of the improvement after a while. If all else fails on those extremely hot days, then your budget will gladly let you turn that air conditioner on.

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