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There are a variety of different heaters on the market that can be used to heat your home. Most function in different ways to heat cool air. Radiant heaters are a lot different than traditional heaters and rely on infrared waves to produce heat. If you are looking for a heater that works right away, this is the preferable heater for you. It works in a manner that is much different that typical warm air heaters. Warm air heaters often take a long period of time before the desired temperature is reached, but a radiant heater begins working right away to produce hot air.

How Do Traditional Warm Air Heaters Work?

Most warm air heaters function primarily by heating a large area of space, which eventually works to heat the objects and people that are in this area. This process of heating the air before the people and objects in the space become warm can take long periods of time to be achieved. The amount of time that it takes to heat the air before it can be felt by the people and objects depends on the amount of space. The insulation of the space and the desired temperate also have an impact on how long it takes a traditional warm air heater to work. Since these heaters take so long to provide adequate amounts of heat, many people rely on radiant heaters when they need access to heat right away.

Immediate Heat and Radiant Heaters

When you need immediate heat in any space, radiant heaters are almost always your best option. This is due to the fact that they work by sending out infrared radiation. The process of infrared radiation is very similar to the way that the sun transfers energy to the earth. This means that the energy is not absorbed by the air, but it moves through it instead. This is the same concept as to how a radiant heater works. This means that when infrared waves are produced and hit an object a few of the waves provided heat can be reflected, but most of the heat is absorbed. The result is instantaneous and you will feel heat right away when sitting in front of a radiant heater. This means that once a radiant heater is turned to the on position the heat can be absorbed.

Benefits of Radiant Heaters

Due to the unique way that radiant heaters function, they offer a wide variety of benefits. Unlike typical warm air heaters, they do not work by moving air around. This means that strong odors or the movement of dust throughout a space are not something that you have to deal with when using a radiant heater. People that suffer from allergies find that radiant heaters work much better than other more traditional heating sources.

Another benefit besides allergy prevention is the ability to heat up quickly. This makes it an energy efficient heating source because it heat to its highest capacity within just five minutes. All the objects that are exposed to the radiant heat reflect and absorb it rather quickly. The result is warmth within the space that is dispersed uniformly. You don’t really have to worry about there being pockets of air within the space that is either too cold or too hot. This is something that can’t always be said about most traditional warm air heaters. For this reason, radiant heaters are preferred in some spaces.

Types of Radiant Heaters

There is more than one typo of radiant heater on the market. While most of them function is similar fashion, there can be a few noticeable differences. Radiant heaters come in mounted and portable varieties. It is even possible to have a complete radiant heating system installed into all rooms of your home. A home radiant heating system will likely come equipped with controls that allow you to set the desired temperature and allow for multi-zone heating. This gives you access to climate control that is precise in each and every space. If you choose a portable radiant heater, you have the ability to decide how much heat you want to produce. Portable heaters of this type range in sizes and allow you to customize based on your preferences. Small portable radiant heaters can be used to heat just one person, but you can also use larger models to heat an entire space.

Radiant Heat

Radiant heaters are unique because they rely on infrared technology. Infrared waves are light that is not visible in this spectrum. The heat that is produced by this light is absorbed immediately to produce instant heat. With this type of heater (wiki) you do not have to wait long periods of time for the air in a space to become warm, which makes them the ideal option.