SPT WA-6011S 6000 BTU Window Mounted Air Conditioner Review

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The SPT WA-6011S 6000 BTU window mounted air conditioner is a very practical unit given its very affordable price of just around $200. It is compact in size and fits perfectly even on windows. It is easy to install, efficient, and works ever so quietly making it perfect even for the kid’s bedrooms.

Feature wise, the WA-6011S air conditioner by SPT has quite a list of features that no one expects to come from what is supposed-to-be the most basic window air conditioner from SPT. From the steady and reliable thermometer to the awesome features, and even up to the handy remote control, this SPT WA-6011S quickly became a favorite of consumers.

This Air Conditioner is not longer available

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SPT WA-6011S 6000 BTU Window Mounted Air Conditioner

SPT WA-6011S window air conditioner


Carefully designed to cool down a single room, the window type SPT WA-6011S air conditioner features simplicity at its best. It has a soft touch control panel that looks absolutely beautiful. Installation is fairly easy given the installation kit.

Whether you have a vertical window opening or not, there is no need to shed off additional expenses to get a professional to do it. You can most likely do it by yourself especially given the clear instructions with images in the manual.

To know about the SPT WA-6011S’ complete details, here are the important details:

  • SPT WA-6011S window air conditioner - energy guide

    Energy guide of the SPT WA-6011S window air conditioner

    6,000 BTU

  • Suggested Cooling Area of up to 250 square feet
  • Maximum Air Flow of 250 m3/h
  • 115-Volt Electric Supply
  • 3 Fan Speeds
  • 4 Modes – Dry, Auto, Energy Saver, and Sleep
  • Top Air Discharge
  • Dehumidifies at 1.3 pints/hour
  • Thermostat Controlled Energy Saver
  • Temperature Range of 62 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Electronic Controls with Digital Display
  • Easy Out and Washable Air Filter
  • Slide Out Filter Access
  • Filter Reminder
  • Auto Restart Feature
  • 24-Hour Timer Setting
  • Flexible Window Mount
  • Remote Control
  • Directional Louvre of Left to Right
  • Comes with Window Installation Kit
  • UL Approved
  • Energy STAR Certified
  • Window Width from 23 to 26 inches
  • Window Height 13 inches
  • Measures 15.8 x 16.2 x 12.3 inches
  • Weighs approximately 45 pounds
  • Power Cord Length of 6 feet


The SPT WA-6011S air conditioner is generally considered as the basic among SPT’s wall-type room air conditioners. It is followed by the higher end models WA-8011S, WA-1011S, and WA-1222S.

This air conditioning unit is perfect for those who want basic features coupled with durability and efficiency. Here are some of its basic but helpful features:

  1. Easy Access

A remote control is included to give users ultimate ease of use. Whether you are located at the far end of the room or still embracing your pillow and blanket, you can easily adjust the temperature to your liking because of this full access remote control.

However, be reminded that the SPT WA-6011S can be accessed both at the unit itself and at through the remote control. Here are the things that you can do with the help of this remote control:

  • Adjust temperature or time
  • Activate timer
  • Check filter
  • Reset Unit
  • Setting Mode
  • Energy Saver Mode
  • Sleep Mode
  • Fan Speed
  • On/Off
  • Displays temperature, time, and even error codes
  1. Abundant Features

This SPT WA-6011S may be considered a basic one but it still does not come short of valuable features. Here is a short list of the features to educate you more on how this air conditioning unit can be of help to you:

  • Auto Mode: Set temperature range is at 62-86 degrees Fahrenheit but goes on a Cool Mode once the ambient temperature is 4 degrees above the set temperature. It further goes into Fan mode once the temperature drops 2 degrees below the set temperature.
  • Cool Mode: This automatically goes on once temperature goes 2 degrees above set temperature. After which, it automatically goes into Fan and goes back into Cool Mode again.
  • Fan Mode: This is best for those days that it is not so cold but you need some air to circulate. Manufacturer suggests opening up the window. However, temperature cannot be set with this function.
  • Dry Mode: This is also known as the dehumidifier mode but a certain degree of cooling can still be felt.
  1. It saves energy

Certified as an Energy STAR appliance, this SPT WA-6011S has an Energy Saver feature that works whenever in Cool Mode. The cycle works with the unit going into Fan mode once set temperature is reached, going in a cycle for 2 minutes, fan for 3 minutes, and then cycle again for 2 minutes in a 10-minute interval until room temperature goes above the set temperature.

Pros and Cons

Despite being considered a basic air conditioner, the SPT WA-6011S beams with a 4.5-star rating after close to 50 real user reviews already at Amazon. They all say that this unit is compact yet cools the room almost instantly and works ever so quietly.

However, there still are a few customers who think that it would have been better if the air vents can also be adjusted up and down and if the remote control has a light to see better during nighttime.

Final Verdict

SPT WA-6011S window air conditioner - control detail

Are you looking for energy efficient but a capable air conditioner that can save you a good amount of money in the long process? Is budget a concern? Do you want to keep it simple and basic as much as possible? Then the SPT WA-6011S could be the perfect choice for you!

For a basic air conditioning unit, the SPT WA-6011S window air conditioner definitely goes beyond the basics with a handful of useful features. It even saves energy which will surely come in handy at the later years.

If you are looking for a not-so basic air conditioner at a basic price, then the SPT WA-6011S is your best bet.