Lifesmart Zone 6 Element 1200 Square Foot Infrared Heater Review

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One of the most popular space heaters currently produced by Lifesmart, the Life Pro Zone features a classic wood-paneled design and a powerful heating element that is capable of supplementing most heating systems, and it can deliver enough power to heat a medium sized room. The heater comes with six quartz infrared elements that are wrapped in a metal heat exchange coils to improve their heat output. The device also comes with a host of safety features that help improve the user experience and prevent accidents.

One of the most noticeable improvements to the classic infrared heater design is the addition of a scroll propulsion blower, which helps to circulate air while it projects heat into the room. Normally, an infrared heater works on a similar principle as a heat lamp, and it doesn’t actively push hot air towards the user, but the Lifesmart Life Pro Zone combines a steady stream of air along with radiant heat. This gives the user the best of both worlds, because they can feel the heat from the quartz heating elements, while warm air is circulated around the room.

Lifesmart Zone 6 Element 1200 Square Foot Infrared Heater

Lifesmart Life Pro Large Room 6 Element Infrared Heater w:Remote

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  • The Lifesmart Zone is an infrared space heater
  • Measures 16,5 inches by 16 inches by 13 inches
  • Weighs 21 pounds
  • Uses up to 1500 watts at 110 volts
  • Heats up to 1200 square feet
  • Produces 5400 BTUs
  • Brown and tan color scheme
  • Radiant heating technology
  • Automatic safety shutoff
  • Remote control included
  • Built-in tip-over safety switch
  • Quakers town dark oak cabinet
  • 3 energy saver settings
  • Built-in start and stop timer
  • Cord is six feet long

The most common place to find a space heater is in a bedroom or an office. That’s why many systems have been made to look more elegant and have much more convenient functions. The system comes with an advanced controller that can operate nearly every function of the heater from over 30 feet away. With the remote control, the user can select the temperature, set the timer, change the heating mode, and change the system from Fahrenheit to Celsius. The high, low, and eco modes can all be accessed though the controller, which makes operating the device much more convenient than with previous Lifesmart models. Many users prefer to keep the controller on their bedside and adjust the heat levels or set the timer before they go to bed. All the functions can still be operated on the front panel of the device, but many people prefer to use the remote controller.

Another feature that many people are interested in is the device’s eco power-saver setting that runs the device on 500 watts to conserve energy. Other space heaters usually have two or three heat settings, but they can sometimes be wasteful if the user wants to keep the air temperature steady without turning the device off completely. That’s why many people prefer Lifesmart products, because they come with special power-saver settings that can keep a room at around 68 degrees Fahrenheit without putting too much of a strain on your electric bill.


  • The device comes with a twelve-hour start and stop time that can be programmed in one hour increments
  • The Lifesmart comes with three energy-saver settings including a 500 watt setting that’s great for keeping a room warm without using too much electricity
  • The remote control has been redesigned to be larger, and fit in the user’s hand much more comfortably
  • The heater is large enough to provide warmth for an entire room, but small enough to be stored and moves around easily
  • The internal scroll fan circulates heat and expels air quietly and effectively
  • Even in rooms with vaulted ceiling, the Lifesmart Zone 6 Element 1200 Square Floor Infrared Heater can bring up the overall temperature
  • The device works especially well when used to supplement an existing heating system
  • The heater works especially well in insulated spaces like bedrooms, bathrooms, and home offices


  • The Lifesmart is designed for indoor use, so it won’t be as efficient in semi-outdoor spaces like garages or sheds
  • The heater is designed to be on its own 15 amp circuit that doesn’t have any other devices connected to it
  • The remote runs on AAA batteries, and tends to run through batteries quickly

Final Verdict

Lifesmart Life Pro Large Room 6 Element Infrared Heater w:Remote

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Manufactured by one of the most popular space heater brands currently on the market, the Life Pro Zone by Lifesmart is an excellent option for any homeowner who wants an effective supplementary heater for their home or office. The device is very popular with users and the Life Pro Zone is widely regarded as one of the best space heaters available. Reviewers give the device a rating of four stars or higher in 80 percent of reviews.